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Under 16 Honour Board

The under 16 age group is the final year of junior football before players move onto senior football. In this sense it is the graduation class of the club representing an important milestone in a players career. It is also a year in which the club focus moves further towards fielding a competitive team as opposed to purely development. In the under 16’s, we have consistently played finals over the past decade and interestingly enough our under 16s team seems to attract players from other clubs in the district moreso than in younger age groups.

Recognising the significance of this year the club, supported by volunteer group The Mountaineers and the senior football and netball club introduced a unique award in 2007 in which the under 16 Best and Fairest winner was acknowledged as the Club Champion. Roy Martin, renown Melbourne jeweller struck a superb trophy on which the names of all Club Champions are engraved. In addition the Club Champion receives a complimentary membership package from the senior football club of membership, shorts, socks and club polo as a welcome to the senior ranks.

Since the introduction of this award tow of the recipients have gone on to be drafted by AFL Clubs –

2012 Draft – Lachie Plowman (Great Western Sydney), Club Champion 2009

2012 Draft – Matt Dick (Sydney Swans), Club Champion 2010

This prestigious award is highly sought after by all players in the club.

Under 16 Honour Board

YearCoachAssistant CoachesTeam ManagerCaptainClub Champion - Best & FairestLeague AwardsPosition
2014Peter LordTom Hildebrand
Ricky McLean
Rob Seeley
2013James "Nipper" WrightPeter Lord
Cam Manache
Rob SeeleyMatt Underwood
2012Danny BrownDermot Moody
Ann MoodyJye TebbleSeamus LynchRunners Up
2011Danny BrownDermot Moody
Elliot Drew
Ann MoodyJeremy SmithJeremy SmithLeague B&F: Jeremy Smith
League Goalkicking: Bill Chapman
2010Tony SmithRay Qoon
Paul Warner
Sally DickMatt DickMatt DickLeague RU B&F: Matt Dick
League Goalkicking: Jack Kiernan
Runners Up
2009Sean TobiasEden Kindred
Seb Italia
Dermot HenryRory HenryLachie PlowmanLeague B&F: Lachie Plowman
League Goalkicking: Riley Kindred
2008Brian DavisDermot HenryGeorge Hilary
John Nadin
2007Tony SmithSally DickKris ShawGlenn KollerLeague B&F: Glenn Koller
League RU B&F: Kris Shaw
2006Tony SmithPeter ShawMatt DettmannDarcy RocardLeague B&F: Glenn Koller
League RU B&F: Kris Shaw
2005Troy StanchinottiPeter Shaw
2002Rob Beatson