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Coaching Philosophy

Like most junior football clubs we love nothing more than having a win however this is not our primary objective. Our guiding principle is to teach and educate young players in the virtues of fair play and sportsmanship, lessons that hopefully they can apply in life as they get older. If we can convey these principles then on field success will be a pleasant by-product of the process.

To this end we are all about four key objectives in our coaching program. We refer to them as the Four F’s

FunFootball must be fun. If kids are not enjoying their footy then in time they will turn to other sports or in the worst case turn off sport altogether. We strive to ensure our kids have fun. Underpinning this objective is our 3 Quarter Guarantee  a guarantee that each player will receive at least 3 quarters of every game they play.

Fitness – a core outcome of any sporting pursuit should be the enhancement of one’s health and fitness. So we make no apology for kids coming home from training tired as it is through physical exertion they will gain physical fitness and hopefully carry a commitment to health and fitness throughout their lives.

Friendships – ask any old stager about the highlights of their football career and inevitably the thrill of having a kick with one’s mates comes to the fore. Within our small community it is an objective of the football club to provide an environment where players can create and maintain lifelong friendships.

Football Skills – complementing the three other objectives is our absolute focus on improving every players football skills. One aspect of our focus on skill acquisition is the Skills+ Program where at registration every player is presented with a football. The more often a player has a footy in his hands the more likely their skills will improve.  It also means that at training we can maximise skill acquisition by ensuring every player has a ball.

If we achieve the above four objectives then over time the outcome of the process is potentially success on the field. This is an outcome not an end in itself. We measure the success of our kids by their endeavour and personal development not by a scoreboard.