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Club History

Macedon Junior Football Club has been operating for over 40 years however much of the early history is not known or recorded. We welcome any past players, parents, supporters or office bearers with history of the club to share what information they have so that we can recognise the contribution and achievements of all involved with the club.

In 2012 we introduced our inaugural Life Membership Award. David Johnstone was a most worthy recipient of this award and we look forward to recognising past contributions as well as future contributions in years to come.

History of Club Office bearers and Life Members

YearPresidentVice PresidentSecretaryTreasurerRegistrarLife MembersJunior Dev OfficerCanteen Manager
2014Peter WebbSteve HarrisonMark FattoreFrank FergusonLynda BurnipTony SmithTamara Collins
2013Mark FattoreSteve HarrisonChris AndrewsFrank FergusonLynda BurnipTony Smith / Kevin ReevesNarelle Potter
2012Paul ReillyDermott MoodyDavid JohnstoneDavid JohnstoneTony SmithNarelle Potter
2011Paul ReillyDermott MoodyDavid JohnstoneTony SmithNarelle Potter/Lulu Cockram
2010Paul ReillyDavid JohnstoneTony SmithNarelle Potter/Lulu Cockram
2009Tony SmithDavid JohnstoneTony SmithAnn Davis
2008Tony SmithChris AndrewsDavid JohnstoneKarin KindredSean TobiasAnn Davis
2007Chris AndrewsDavid JohnstoneFiona BishopDavid JohnstoneKarin KindredTony SmithAnn Davis
2006Brett SmithDavid JohnstoneSally CoxGabby ShawKarin KindredBrian DavisAnn Davis
2005Brett SmithDavid JohnstoneSally CoxSharon MonaghanKarin Kindred
2004David JohnstoneBrett SmithKarin Kindred
2003Brian Collins
2002Brian CollinsPaul Kean
2001Paul Kean
2000Paul Kean
1999Paul Kean
1998Brian CollinsRhonda Amos
1997Brian CollinsRhonda Amos
1996Rod SteffanoniBrian Collins
1995Rod SteffanoniBrian Collins
1994Rod SteffanoniBrian Collins