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Making a Difference

For young people to learn life’s most valuable lessons it is important that they be part of a nurturing and positive environment where winning isn’t measured merely on a win/loss ratio but where being the best you can is preached.

A place where when you get knocked down you are taught to fight, get up and try again, a place where you are encouraged to work hard yet still enjoy the journey, where you learn to work as part of the team yet still grow as an individual.

A place where the common theme is respect for:

* Umpires;

* Opponents;

* Parents;

* Team mates, and most importantly,

* Respect for oneself.

Macedon Junior Football Club is such a place. A place known for the strength of its supporters, the fairness and skills of its players and a place where you will always feel part of a family.

We may not be the biggest club in the RDFNL by weight of numbers but we pride ourselves as being as big as any club in terms of spirit and sense of community.

Our goal is to not merely develop competent, accomplished young footballers our goal is to contribute to the personal development of confident and accomplished young adults.

With the assistance of the coaching team, the committee and most importantly committed parents we will continue to make a difference for the youth in our local community.